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1993: 26th Annual Report

1.Anthropophilic mosquitos (Diptera:Culicidae) preliminary survey – Greenwoods and Weaver Lake W.L.Butts
2.Vertebrate records- Greenwoods and Weaver Lake W.L. Butts

1994: 27th Annual Report

3.Mosquito studies- Greenwoods. Survey of area adjacent to Cranberry Bog – W.L. Butts
4.A biological survey of Cranberry Bog, Greenwoods Conservancy – L.Taylor
5.A floral survey of quadrats D2 and D3 at Greenwoods Conservancy – D.A.King
6.A floral survey of quadrats E1 and E2 at Greenwoods Conservancy – A.M.Meyers

1995: 28th Annual Report

7.Mosquito Studies- Greenwoods, Summer 1995 – W.L.Butts
8.North American migration bird count at Greenwoods Conservancy – T.Salo
9.The fish fauna of Cranberry Bog / Greenwoods Conservancy – S.M.Foster
10.Bog Hydrology: A study of Cranberry Bog,Greenwoods Conservancy – R.Pagan
11.Cranberry Bog: Hydrological and nutrient budgets – R.Pagan
12.A limnological survey of Woodchuck Pond, Greenwoods Conservancy – C.Salo
13.A preliminary floral survey of Quadrats E3 and E4, Greenwoods – Conservancy E.L.H. Simpson

1996: 29th Annual Report

14.Mosquito Studies- Survey of upland sites: Greenwoods Conservancy – W.L.Butts
15.A floral survey of the Yellow Trail at Greenwoods Conservancy – A.Barra
16.Biological survey of arthropods- Greenwoods Conservancy – R.K.Basile

1997: 30th Annual Report

17.Mosquito Studies- Greenwoods Conservancy – W.L.Butts
18.Bird list- Greenwoods Conservancy as of 6/28/1997 – W.L Butts, M.F. Albright
19.A survey of mosses( Bryophyta ) native to Greenwoods Conservancy, Quadrats D3 and D4 – M.D.Wheat
20.Vascular plant survey of Greenwoods Conservancy, Summer 1997 – J.Bennett-O’Dea
21.Biological survey of amphibians: Greenwoods Conservancy, Summer 1997 – C.B. Weeden,Sr

1998: 31st Annual Report

22.Bird list- Greenwoods Conservancy as of 12/31/1998 – W.L.Butts, M.F. Albright
23.Small mammal survey of Greenwoods Conservancy.Summer 1998 – S.Villanella
24.Small mammal survey of Greenwoods Conservancy, Sites A and B, Summer 1998 – J.L.Lopez

1999: 32nd Annual Report

25.Beaver ponds in upstate New York as a source of anthropophilic mosquitos – W.L.Butts
26.Mosquito Studies- Greenwoods Conservancy, Summer 1998 – W.L. Butts
27.Mosquito Studies- Greenwoods Conservancy, Summer 1999 – W.L.Butts
28.Bird list- Greenwoods Conservancy 12/31/1999 – E.Peterson
29.Establishment of vegetation transects at the ROW of Marcy/South at Greenwoods Conservancy, Summer 1999 – T.Austin
30.The effect on the forest edge along a power line corridor at Greenwoods conservancy, Summer 1999 – H.Adams
31.Vascular plant richness in an electric power ROW wetland at Greenwoods Conservancy, Summer 1999 – S.Groff
32.An arthropod survey of a transmission line ROW at Greenwoods Conservancy, Summer 1999 – C.Scott
33.Vertebrate survey of the Marcy South power corridor, Greenwoods Conservancy, Summer 1999 – R.R.Phillips

2000: 33rd Annual Report

34.Mosquito Studies- Greenwoods Conservancy, Summer 2000 – W.L.Butts
35.A survey of arthropods along the Marcy-South power line at Greenwoods Conservancy, Summer 2000 – B.Brodie
36.Bird list- Greenwoods Conservancy as of 1/18/2001 – E.Peterson
37.The effects of Leather-Leaf (Chamaedaphne calyculata) and Speckled Alder (Alnus rugosa) on plant diversity on Cranberry Bog – A.Saba
38.Monitoring vegetative succession by percent cover and species diversity on established transects across the Marcy South ROW through Greenwoods Conservancy, Summer 2000 – S Fickbohm

2001: 34th Annual Report

39.Aquatic invertebrate surveys of two ponds in Greenwoods Conservancy, one on and the other off the Marcy South ROW – B.S.Brodie
40.Mosquito Studies- 2001 Greenwoods Conservancy – W.L.Butts
41.Mosquito Studies: Greenwoods distribution map – W.L.Butts
42.Initial results of Leather –Leaf (Chamaedaphne) and Speckled Alder (Alnus rugosa) cutting regime on plant diversity on Cranberry Bog – S.Dahl
43.Bird list- Greenwoods Conservancy as of 1/1/2002 – E. Peterson
44.Monitoring vegetative succession on established transects across Marcy South ROW through Greenwoods Conservancy .Summer 2001 – B.S.Brodie
45. An Amphibian survey of two ponds in Greenwoods Conservancy – J.E.Green

2002: 35th Annual Report

Bird List- Greenwoods Conservancy as of 1/1/2003 – E. Peterson
Benthic Macroinvertebrate Survey of Butternut Creek Otsego County, New York – Michael F. Stensland
46.Zachow Road wetland project: Wetland plant identification and delineation – M.S.Gray
47.Third year of monitoring Leather-Leaf ( Chmaedaphne calyculata) and Speckled Alder (Alnus rugosa) cutting regime on plant biodiversity on Cranberry Bog – J.M.Harman
48. Report on the fourth year of monitoring along Marcy South power line ROW in Greenwoods Conservancy – C.L.Tedesco
49. A survey of arthropods along Marcy South power line ROW, Summer 2002 – B.S. Brodie

2003: 36th Annual Report

50. Mosquito studies – W.L.Butts
51. BIrd List- Greenwoods Conservancy as of 1/1/2004 – E.Peterson
52.Management of White – Tailed Deer ( Odocoileus virginianus) – H. Burgess
53. Continued monitoring of vegetative succession along Marcy South ROW, Summer 2003 – J.K.Titus

2004: 37th Annual Report

54. Mosquito Studies: Site records – W.L.Butts
55. Mosquito Studies: Sampling for Coquillettidia perturbans – W.L.Butts
56.Avian Observations- Greenwoods Conservancy – W.L. Butts
57. Report on the 6th year of monitoring vegetative succession on Marcy South ROW in Greenwoods Conservancy, Summer 2004 – B.J.Bushen

2005: 38th Annual Report

58.Heron nesting- Greenwoods Conservancy – W.L. Butts

2006: 39th Annual Report

59. Heron nesting-Greenwoods Conservancy – W.L. Butts
60.Fisheries surveys of Greenwoods Conservancy 2006 – A. Scorzafava

2007: 40th Annual Report

61. Heron nesting – Greenwoods Conservancy: Apparent abandonment of rookery by Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) – W.L.Butts

2008: 41st Annual Report

62. Floristic survey of Big Meadow* (Size description is grossly underestimated), Greenwoods Conservancy – R.Searles, A.Ryburn
63.Preliminary investigation of biotic and abiotic factors involved in carbon biogeochemical cycling in open water areas at Greebwoods Conservancy and Thayer Farm,NY – N.A.McEnroe, Z.Burris

2009: 42nd Annual Report

64. Characterization of wetland soils and vegetation in Cranberry Bog and Goodyear Swamp, Otsego county, new York. Summer 2009 – M Rubenstein
65. Preliminary investigation of abiotic factors involved in carbon biogeochemical cycling in open water areas at Greenwoods Conservancy and Thayer Farm, NY – N.A. McEnroe, Z.Burriss
66. Pond water quality and pond size – Z.Burriss

2010: 43rd Annual Report

67. Chlorophyll (a) and Phytoplankton surveys of Cranberry Bog, Burlington, NY Summer 2009 – I. Primmer

2011: 44th Annual Report

68. 2011 Pearly Mussel surveys of portions of the Catatonk Creek, Butternut Creek and Unadilla River – P.H.Lord, T.N. Pokorny