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The Greenwoods Conservancy is privately owned by the Peterson Family Charitable Trust. It is jointly managed by PFCT and the SUNY Biological Field Station and Otsego Land Trust in Cooperstown. Routine day to day access is limited to university faculty and their students and to PFCT management personnel.

Greenwoods Conservancy is posted against trespass in accordance with the NYS Posting Law and the NYSDEC. The property is patrolled and violators are prosecuted. There is no hunting, trapping or fishing permitted.

Greenwoods Conservancy is protected from industrial, commercial and housing development by the terms of an open space conservation easement held by Otsego Land Trust in Cooperstown, New York. The property is inspected annually to insure compliance with the terms of the easement.

Forested land is protected against inappropriate timber harvesting by inclusion in the NYS Forestry Act ( 480-A ) and by the retention of a NYS Certified Forester as a consultant.