PFCT Board of Trustees

Earle Peterson* Chairman and Treasurer
James Peterson* Vice Chair and Assistant Treasurer
Cynthia Peterson* Secretary
Susan Peterson* Trustee Emeritus ^
Sidney Jamieson Native American Representative and Conservationist
Paul Trotta Retired NYSDEC Chief Forester Region IV
William Gibson** Retired USDA Agricultural and Soils Specialist
Matthew Albright SUNY Biologist, Researcher and, Birder
John Peterson Engineer and Consultant
Daniel Peterson Structural Maintenance



* Denotes Founders
** Conservancy Committee Only
^ Deceased


Rodney Jones Consulting Forester
William Gibson Open Space and Field Habitat Oversight
Paul Trotta Forestry Oversight
Prof. Willard Harman Director of SUNY’s Biological Field Station in Cooperstown, NY and an expert aquatic environments. Provides Research and Resource oversight. He is our liaison with SUNY Oneonta.
David Clinton, Attorney, CPA Legal
Raymond Holohan, CPA Accountant
Susan Rowland Photography